The Southern Cape has the most temperate climate in Africa and offers more adventure/leisure activities than anywhere else in the world!

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Join the bucket list of adventure/leisure activities on offer in the Southern Cape. There are presently 150 different activities offered and you can choose those that interest you to add to your bucket list. As you go through your list you can forward a short description of your experience, where it took place, your name and a few pics –


We have started with The Gauche’ Boy’s Bucket List – Part 1 and the threesome (dad Andre’ and son’s Luke (12) & Kyle (8) were bold enough to add all 150 activities to their bucket list.

Gauche’ Boy’s Bucket List – Part 1
Adventure/Leisure Activities in the Southern Cape

1. Abseiling
2. Adventure Trails
3. Aerial Cable Trail
4. Aerobatic Flights
5. Animal Encounters
6. Archeological Tours
7. Archery & Crossbowing
8. Art Routes & Tours
9. Astronomy
10. Backpacking
11. Bakkie Skiing
12. Ballooning
13. Bass Fishing
14. Beach Horse Rides
15. Bi Plane Flights
16. Bicycle Tours
17. Big Swing
18. Birding
19. Blow-carting
20. Boat Based Whale Watching
21. Boat Trips
22. Body Boarding
23. Bouldering
24. Bow Hunting
25. Bridge Swinging
26. Bungee Jumping
27. Camel Rides
28. Canoeing
29. Canopy Tours
30. Canyoning
31. Cave Diving
32. Caving
33. Circus Experience
34. Classic Car Tours
35. Clay Pigeon Shooting
36. Climbing
37. Coasteering
38. Croc Cage Diving
39. Croc Surfing
40. Cycle Tours
41. Deep Sea Fishing
42. Diving
43. Dolphin Watching
44. Dragon Boat Racing
45. Eco Tours
46. Elephant Back Safaris
47. Elephant Experience
48. Fantastic Racing
49. Farm Experience
50. Fishing
51. Fly Fishing
52. Flying
53. Flying Fox
54. Foefie Slide
55. Foot Safaris
56. Forest Hikes & Trails
57. Four Wheel Driving
58. Free Boarding
59. Free Diving
60. Game Drives
61. Geckoing
62. Gliding
63. Go Karts
64. Golf, Courses & Tours
65. Gorge Swinging
66. Gravel Karts
67. Gyrocopter
68. Hang Gliding
69. Harley Davidson Tour
70. Helicopter Flights
71. Helicopter Rides
72. Hiking
73. Historical Tours & Museums
74. Horse Riding
75. Horse Safaris
76. Hot Air Ballooning
77. Houseboats
78. Hunting
79. Indoor Climbing
80. Inland Scuba Diving
81. Jet Skiing
82. Kayak Fishing
83. Kayaking
84. Kids Parties
85. Kite Surfing
86. Kloofing
87. Kneeboarding
88. Microlight Flying
89. Motocross
90. Motorcycle Tours
91. Mountain Biking
92. Mountain Boarding
93. Mountaineering
94. Ocean Floor Walking
95. Paragliding
96. Parasailing
97. Pelagic Boat Trip
98. Polo
99. Pony Trekking
100. Power Boating
101. Powered Paragliding
102. Quad Biking
103. Racing Cars
104. Rafting
105. Rally Driving
106. Rhino Trekking
107. River Kayaking
108. River Rafting
109. River Tubing
110. Rock Climbing
111. Sailing Charters
112. Sandboarding
113. Scenic Flights
114. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
115. Sea Kayaking
116. Seal Viewing Trips
117. Shark Cage Diving
118. Shark Diving
119. Shark Tours
120. Sidecar Tours
121. Skateboarding
122. Skydiving
123. Soaring
124. Surging
125. Spearfishing
126. Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP)
127. Stargazing
128. Sunset Cruises
129. Surfing
130. Survival Trips
131. Target Shooting
132. Team Building
133. Tiger Moth Flights
134. Tobogganing
135. Tortoise Tours
136. Tour & Field Guides
137. Trout Fishing
138. Tubing
139. Wagon Trails
140. Wakeboarding
141. Waterskiing
142. Wave Riding
143. Whale Watching
144. White Water Kayaking
145. White Water Rafting
146. Wildlife Experiences
147. Windsurfing
148. Wine Tours & Tasting
149. Ziplining
150. Zorbing


3. Aerial Cable Trails/Ziplining – Wildwoods Tree Adventures – Timberlake – Wilderness

Fantastic fun for the whole family, 74 ziplines interconnect from platform to platform amongst the trees. It takes around 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on how fast you choose to go and its fun all the way. Phone 078 2514458 for more details. 










5. Animal Encounters

There is a very big variety of activities that fall under “Animal Encounters” in the Southern Cape region. Beginning at Storms River you get Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary 15km from Plett, Monkey Land, Bird of Eden, The Teniqua Wildlife Sanctuary, The Elephant Sanctuary – all in an around the same area. The Plett Game Reserve  with 35 different species is on the Bitou River Road. Then between Knysna & Plett there’s the Radical Raptors birds of prey rehab centre, the Elephant Park etc. Have a look at the full list under the various categories.










 7. Archery & crossbowing

Bootcamp@Rondevlei offers courses and practice facilities for compound bows, long bows and cross bows. All you need to do is bring your own bow. All sessions are by prior arrangement. Bootcamp@Rondevlei is a 24 ha farm located in the Wolwe River Valley 12km from Sedgefield and 10km from Wilderness. See for details.









13. Bass Fishing – Lake Pleasant – Sedgefield
One of the best spots in the Garden Route to go bass fishing is Groenvlei outside Sedgefield on the way to Knysna. Book a rowing boat through Lake Pleasant Chalets tel                 (044) 3431985         for R50/hour and take your spinners or fly rod along. Once away from the jetty its best to fish along the edges of the reedbeds where the water is deep. Early morning and late evening is the ideal time. There is a public launch site on the N2 and only non petrol driven crafts are allowed.


Big mouth Bass caught at Groenvlei, Lake Pleasant outside Sedgefield 58cm 1,2kg



 27. Camel Rides – Wilgewandel – Oudtshoorn

Wilgewandel Holiday Farm is 2 km from the Cango Caves on the R328 and 25km from Oudtshoorn. They offer bumper boats, quad buggies, donkey cart rides, foofie slides over a dam, hiking, bird watching and camel rides. They also offer accommodation and a restaurant. Their tel                 044 2720878       .













 32. Caving – Cango Caves – Oudtshoorn

27km from Oudtshoorn on the R328 is the impressive Cango Caves, Afric’s largest and one of the 7 Wonders of Southern Africa. The tour takes around one hour for the basic route and for the more adventurous 2 hours. For booking call               044 2727410       .











37. Coasteering – Myoli Beach, Cola Beach, Goukamma Marine Reserve

Coasteering is basically exploring the coastline. You can do it on your own or join a group with a dedicated guide. Coasteering along the beach in Sedgefield takes you from Gereke’s Point past the Swartvle Mouth (watch high tides when you sometimes cannot cross) along Myoli Beach, past PLatbank to the Goukamma National Park and Marine Reserve on to Buffalo Bay – around 15km. Garden Route Trails do guided walks –  call Mark Dixon 082 2135931.










38. Croc Cage Diving – Cango Wildlife Ranch – Oudtshoorn

This is the only place I know of where you can get into a cage with a snorkle and be lowered into a clear pond with large Nile Crocodiles. What and experience. Should you encounter these fellow under normal circumstances in their habitat at close quarters, you could well end up as prey. My boys still need to get close and personal with these guys.










 47. Elephant Experience – Craggs – Plettenbergbay

The Elephant Sanctuary outside Plett is an ideal place to get close and personal with an elephant. You can go for a leisurely walk through the forest with these likeable fellows or go for a ride. They are gentle and well-behaved. Very good experience.










48. Fantastic Racing

Fantastic racing is all about racing cars. The annual Knysna Speed Festival held in May each year is a blast.  The week long event includes soap box derbies, slot car challenges, 4 x 4 trails, Kart Grand Prix, Classic Cars and the Simola hillclimb. The fastest and meanest cars get to compete in their various categories for King of the Hill, an uphill race against time. Ferraris, Lamborginis, Porches, McLarens are all there. The fastest turned out to be two supercharged Nissan GT-R’s ; these beasts do 0-100km in 2,8 secs and push out over 1000 hp. This is a must for car enthusiasts. See for details.










 50. Fishing – Rock & Surf – Gereke’s Point – Sedgefield/Wilderness

Take the Swartvlei turnoff on the N2 and drive 2km to Swartvlei Beach. A short walk of 800m gets you to the famous Gereke’s Point. From the rocks or off the intermittant beach areas you can fish for Spotted Grunter, Cape Stumpnose, Blacktail, Zebra fish, Garrick/Leervis, Galjoen, Musselcracker, Bronze Bream, White Steenbras, Kob, Sand Steenbras, Elf/Shad, Strepies or Mullet. There are also sand sharks and a variety of other sharks including raggies. Well protected from the easterly winds and also good for snorkelling, diving and boat launching. (You need a permit from National Parks).










63. Go Karts

GoKart World in Mosselbayoffers indoor go karting and mini motocycle riding. The track is approximately 120m and 5 Go Karts can go at a time. Its a must try for those dads and kids wanting to have some motoring fun. Rides are limited to around 10 years and older as the Karts can build up considerable speed. Phone 074 8682632 for details.

Go Karting in Mosselbay









70. Helicopter Flights – Garden Route

We are fortunate to have friends who own helicopters and get to go on scenic flights from time to time. The helicopters are based in George and flights along the coastline to Plettenbergbay is absolutely amazing. If you need to hire a chopper call Cassie De Bruyn in George 082 8525969.










 72. Hiking

The Garden Route offers many exciting hikes and trails catering for the lazy leisure hiker like myself and of course those more serious adventurers. Ask the local tourism bureau for details on hikes in the area. We are taking them one at a time and hopefully to do the grand old Otter Trail soon.











 74. Horse Riding

We at one stage kept close on 40 horses on our farm in Wilderness but for good outrides its best to go to Buffalo Bay where they offer beach and trail rides. There is also a good riding school along Glenwood Drive in George and a variety of rides available at Kid Buddy in Wilderness.











 78. Hunting – Linyanti Farm – Small Karoo

For hunting the boys usually go to their Uncle Paul’s farm near Steydtlerville in the Small Karoo. They have been taught the ethics and consideration that must be given to wildlife when hunting them. They are still undecided on whether to actively participate in this adventure activity.











81. Jetskiing – Garden Route Adventures – Mosselbay Harbour

A jetski is a very fast small impeller driven craft propelled by a machine of between 700-1000cc. Only a few places in the Garden Route allows you to operate a jetski. Knysna has a demarcated section of the lagoon at The Point and Garden Route Adventures operates from Mosselbay Harbour tel (044) 6913182.





 89. Motorcross/scrambling

 We do our motorcycling in and around our farm Rondevlei Guest Farm in the Wilderness. There are numerous forest trails and back roads in the area. Its also a great ride around from Hoekwil to Reenendal along the scenic back roads. Kyle has a 38cc scrambler & 50cc quad, Luke a 100cc quad and a 80cc offroad, while Ronel & I have 200cc scramblers.



 95. Paragliding – Cloud 9 – Sedgefield

A number of reputable operators offer paragliding of Cloud 9 in Sedgefield, including Windmaster Paragliding and Birdmen. Anyone from around 12 years of age can go tandem and they all offer courses. Its great fun and the views are spectacular. Call 082 7778474.











96. Parasailing – Swartvlei Lagoon (Sun City)

Parasailing is basically being harnassed into a parachute (either single or in tandem) that is attached to a suitable boat (inboard V8 ski Nautique/Supreme or similar) by way of a thick 100-200m rope. Once ready the boat accelerates and after a short run the parasailer becomes airborn. You are towed behind the boat at the mercy of the driver. Its safe and great fun.






103. Racing Cars – Knysna Speed Festival – Knysna

The best place to view fast cars in the Garden Route is at the annual Knysna Speed Festival that takes place in May. The highlight is the Simola Hill Climb where supercars like porche, ferrari, lamborgini and other do battle. For the motor junkie, its a must see. View at












 112. Sandboarding – Cola Beach – Sedgefield

 This is a rather energetic activity and you have got to be fit to climb the dunes behind Myoli and Cola Beach, Sedgefield. They are reputed to be the highest natural dunes on the Cape coast. Fantastic for sandboarding enthusiasts.










 114. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling – Swartvlei Mouth – Sedgefield.
Fantastic snorkelling for all ages in the mouth, especially at low tide or between the tides. Many little strepies to be seen amongst the rocks as well as small groups of mullet and blacktail. Easy walk from the public parking at The Mouth, down to the beach and then back along the lagoon to the rocky outcrops.











 131. Target Shooting

Bootcamp@Rondevlei located on Rondevlei Guest Farm in the Wilderness Lakes Region of the Garden Route offers youngsters the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the art of catapult shooting, slingshot throwing and airgun target shooting. No firearms are allowed on the farm. For details see











134. Tobogganing – only in Cape Town for now

A toboggan is a sled with a flat bottom that is usually curved upward at the front. A toboggan is more suitable then a railed sled for conditions such as lightly packed snow, where the rails of a sled are likely to break through the crust of the snow and get stuck. The traditional toboggan is made of bound, parallel wood slats, all bent forward at the front to form a sideways ‘J’ shape. A thin rope is run through the top of the loop to provide rudimentary steering. The frontmost rider places their feet in the loop and sits on the flat bed; any others sit behind them and grasp the waist of the person before them.

Unfortunately the only place I know of where you can go Tobogganing is in Durbanville, Cape Town where we had great fun on the rides.










 140. Wakeboarding – Island Lake – Wilderness

Great wakeboarding on Island Lake, Wilderness. Easy slipway to launch and a large flat body of water. Good facilities to braai and ideal for learners. My boys have a blast each time they go. We use of semi-rigid rubberduck with a 60hp bigfoor mercury motor.








 141. Waterskiing – Swartvlei Lagoon – Sedgefield, Island Lake – Wilderness

Both Swartvlei Lagoon in Sedgefield and Island Lake in Wilderness offers fantastic waterskiing. Both have public launch sites and because both are large expanses of water with limited numbers of boats, its ideal for slalom, wakeboarding and for beginners.









149. Ziplining – Timberlake, Storms River (Sun City)

Ziplining or “foofie-sliding” is essentially sliding down a cable attached at a high point and ending at a low point. The sliding mechanism is usually one or two wheels attached to a handle or harness from which you hang. Gravity accelerates you down the decline. The zipline at Sun City is regarded are the world’s longest at 2,5km and you can reach a speed of 130-150km. Ziplining at Timber Lake, Wilderness takes you through an entire course with a number of ziplines between the pine trees.



 150. Zorbing – Oudtshoorn

 Zorbing is basically rolling down a hill or on water in a big plastic ball. Zorbing is offered at Herolds Bay Eco Resort, Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn and at various shows and trade expo’s catering for children. Its perfectly safe but not really designed for adult entertainment.


Elephant Sanctuary Plettenbergbay

Ocean Safaris

Garden Route Game Lodge


Eagle Encounters



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