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Mountainboarding, also known as Dirtboarding, Offroad Boarding, Grass Boarding, and All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), is a well established[1] if little-known action sport, derived from snowboarding. A mountainboard is made up of components including a deck,bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires, and two steering mechanisms known as trucks. Mountainboarders, also known as riders, ride specifically designed boardercross tracks, slopestyle parks, grass hills, woodlands, gravel tracks, streets, skateparks, ski resorts, BMX courses and mountain bike trails. It is this ability to ride such a variety of terrain that makes mountainboarding different from other board sports.

Mountain boarding is basically skating down a dirt track, on a board similar to a snowboard, but with 4 pneumatic wheels.
In essence a combination of skate boarding, snow boarding and sand boarding, this board sport dates back to 1992, when a group of extreme sports enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia began experimenting with different ways to combine their favourite board sports.
While mountain boarding is a relatively new concept in South Africa, there are a number of adventure companies that offer this adrenalin-pumping experience to those daring enough to try it. Anyone with a decent sense of balance, and who is tough enough to handle a few potential tumbles while learning, should get involved right away.
While it may not be as fast-paced as snow boarding, mountain boarding allows participants to explore a greater variety of terrain, while the scenery is a lot more colourful than the sheer white slopes that appeal to snow boarders.

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